Monthly Archive: February 2015

  • Module Factory Assembly Line

    Dependency and Load-Order Management Using the Module Factory Pattern

    At last year's RubyConf in San Diego, Craig Buchek gave a presentation entitled Ruby Idioms You're Not Using Yet focusing on some of Ruby's under-utilized and emerging idioms. In this post we'll discuss one of those idioms, an idiom Craig appropriately calls Module Factory. In particular, we'll explore the using...
    Meditation Cairn Atop Rippling Waters

    On the Road From Ruby Journeyman to Ruby Master

    Mind-blowingly awful are really the only words that come to mind to describe my first bunch of Ruby scripts.1 Sure, this is probably unfair and over-critical given that Ruby, algorithms, and the whole shebang were all new to me at the time, but damn. There are so many decisions I...
  • I'm going to continue never washing this cheek again

    Eager Boolean Operators: A Pattern to Continue Never Using

    In relaying the story of eager Boolean operators, it is best to begin with their more ubiquitous siblings, short-circuiting logical Boolean operators. This is perhaps best achieved with an example: true || Seriously(this(is(valid(Ruby!)))) # => true false && 0/0 # => false In Ruby, and many other common programming languages,1...