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  • I'm going to continue never washing this cheek again

    Eager Boolean Operators: A Pattern to Continue Never Using

    In relaying the story of eager Boolean operators, it is best to begin with their more ubiquitous siblings, short-circuiting logical Boolean operators. This is perhaps best achieved with an example: true || Seriously(this(is(valid(Ruby!)))) # => true false && 0/0 # => false In Ruby, and many other common programming languages,1...
    Tail Call Optimization in Ruby: Deep Dive

    Tail Call Optimization in Ruby: Deep Dive

    In my last post, I began an exploration of tail call optimization in Ruby with some background on tail call optimization and its little known existence and usage in Ruby. In this post, we'll continue that exploration at a much lower level, moving out of the Ruby layer and descending...
  • Recursive Guinea Pigs

    Tail Call Optimization in Ruby: Background

    Back in November, care of /r/ruby, I came across a blog post by Nithin Bekal, Tail Call Optimization in Ruby, demonstrating Ruby's built-in support for tail call optimization and I have to admit, my mind was a little blown. It's not that I have a specific need for tail call...